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Nemesis V3

Regular price $315.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $315.00 USD

Note: This batch of live blade models ships unsharpened.


The Nemesis is the second production balisong trainer from NRBKnives. With a mid range price point, and top tier specs, it’s a great balisong for all skill levels, whether it’s your first, or 10th. The V3 revisions make an already great balisong, even better.


The Nemesis features channel style TC4 Titanium (Gr5) handles with a heat treated 416ss trainer blade, or a VG10 live blade, press fit zen pins, and a hand fit bushing system for minimal play, and zero blade rub out of the box. Due to the channel construction of the handles, it will be extremely durable, and good for any use, whether it’s a safe queen or beater. Weighing in at 4.53 OZ, and with a neutral balance, it will be an extremely competitive flipper.



Handle Length: 5.5”


Blade Length: 4.1”


Overall Length: 9.8”


Total Weight: 4.53oz (CAD Estimation)


Handle Material: Grade 5 TC4 Titanium (Stonewashed Finish)


Trainer Blade Material: 416ss Stainless Steel (Satin Finish)


Live Blade Material: VG10 (Stonewashed Finish)


Pivot System: 416ss Hand Fit Bushings


Stop Pin System: Press Fit Zen Pins


V3 changes:

Handle thickness increased from .4375" to .5"

Handle hole pattern enlarged

Increased rounding of the faces

Changed from chamfered handle edges to filleted edges

Revised jimping (now the same as the Ultralight and SLight)

Keyway cut channels (tighter tolerances)

Altered speed channel

Lower profile zen nipple

Removed machined texture (It added unnecessary cost for grip that wasn't needed)

Blade steel changed to 416ss

Estimated 4.53oz (Neutral balance)

Trainer pre-order cost 275

Trainer drop cost 315

Live pre-order cost 325

Live drop cost 365