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Thicc Knife Juice

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A lot of knife oil I find is extremely lacking, so I made my own.


Thicc Knife Juice has all the benefits of standard Knife Juice, with an increased viscosity for better sound, and longevity. Thicc Knife Juice is a 240w synthetic blend of oil, packaged in a convenient bottle with a needle tip applicator. This oil greatly enhances the smoothness of your knife’s pivot system, while also protecting against rust, and corrosion. Which makes it a perfect choice for any knife, whether it’s a balisong, or folding knife, you will immediately notice the improvement.


Pick up a bottle today and feel the difference.


Disclaimer: This product is not for human consumption. Do not eat/drink Knife Juice, it is a lubricant intended for knife pivots, and nothing else. Please stop drinking it.


Warning: This oil is flammable, keep away from open flames, and store in a cool area.