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Ultralight | Trainer

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The Ultralight was built to push boundaries. It's the first full metal balisong that weighs roughly the same as some plastic trainers. It will allow you to flip continuously for hours, without the wrist strain caused by a typical balisong. If you suffer from joint pain, or just want to try something a little less conventional, the Ultralight is for you.


The Ultralight features 7075 channel aluminum handles, with a machined knurling texture, handle jimping, a heat treated 416 stainless steel blade, threaded zen pins, and as always, hand fit bushings. All wrapped up neatly, in a 2.67oz neutrally balanced package.


The blade was designed in collaboration with GlidrCo. 416ss was chosen as the material due to it's strength. It's far less brittle when heat treated than something like 440c, or D2. With so much weight being removed from the blade, and the edges being fairly thin, strength was favored over sheer hardness.




Handle Length: 5.5”


Blade Length: 3.93”


Overall Length: 9.70”


Total Weight: 2.72oz


Handle Material: 7075 Aluminum (Sandblasted, Anodized Pink)


Blade Material: 416 Stainless Steel (Satin Finish)


Pivot System: Hand Fit Bushings


Pin System: Threaded Zen Pins