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Vortex V3 | Trainer

Regular price $150.00 USD
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The Vortex is the first production balisong trainer from NRBKnives. With it’s price point, and specs, it’s a great beginner balisong with the features of much more expensive options. I've used a lot of community feedback to transform an already great trainer, into something even better with the V3 revisions. Whether you’re new to flipping, or a pro, it’s a must have for any collection.


The Vortex V3 features channel style 7075 aluminum handles with an anodized beadblast finish, a heat treated 416ss trainer blade with a sleek satin finish, press fit zen pins, and a hand fit bushing system for minimal play, and zero blade rub out of the box. The Vortex trainer was designed with abuse and heavy flipping in mind. Now with 7075 aluminum handles, the V3 Vortex is even more resilient to damage, pair that with a channel design that is extremely rigid, and you've got a cheap trainer that will hold up very well to drops on hard surfaces. Weighing in at 3.62oz, with a neutral balance, and softened edges, the Vortex is extremely comfortable to flip for long periods.




Handle Length: 5.6"


Blade Length: 4”


Overall Length: 9.95”


Total Weight: 3.62oz


Handle Material: 7075 Aluminum (Beadblasted, Anodized Finish)


Blade Material: 416 Stainless Steel (Satin/Brushed Finish)


Pivot System: 416ss Hand Fit Bushings


Stop Pin System: Press Fit Zen Pins


V3 changes:

Blade lengthened

Adjusted hole pattern on blade

Slightly reduced bite handle indicator size

Lower profile zen nipple

Increased fillet size (rounding) on the edges of the handle

Revised jimping (now the same as the Ultralight and SLight)

Added faux speed channel to enhance grip

Keyway cut channels (tighter tolerances)

Milled handle texture changed from 45° lines to knurling, the same as the Ultralight (texture not shown in renders)

Blade steel changed to 416ss

Estimated 3.62 oz (Neutral balance)

Pre-order cost 125

Drop cost 150